Peaceful Futures

Why are we here?

The ongoing military conflicts around the world become an international tragedy that produces massive global challenges: refugee crises, escalating information wars, brewing global energy and food crises, the big challenge of future communication between neighbours, and even the collapse of post-WW2 global security architecture.

This raises the need for the voice of future thinkers to understand how we can prevent such conflicts from happening in the future. This discussion needs to happen around the globe and lead to actions done to anticipate and mitigate such dangers.

What do we propose to do?

We create the discussion space and invite you to together look at the long-term and broader implications, focusing not on the conflict and post-conflict scenarios – but on the long-term implications for a revised global security and wellbeing architecture that could produce more desired and beneficial outcomes.

Let’s together create a map of ideas, opportunities and projects about the new grounds and benefits of Peace. And learn how to look at anti-war capabilities and how culture, education and thinking about the future can help.

How does this process work?

Our plan is to design, hold, and analyse. We will conduct:

  • a series of foresight workshops for collecting different thoughts and ideas, and learning from each other
  • desk research & interviews mapping best practices
  • additional public events (panels & lectures) around focal topics, including learning from other domains
  • an integration process of the agenda into our common and personal projects (socio-cultural, artistic, educational, etc.)

We also envision other possibilities like:

  • a series of action-oriented workshops with key social change movements & SDG related institutions – resulting in actionable roadmaps and practical agreements
  • possible UN-sponsored event on new global security and wellbeing architecture (2023)
  • general public-oriented conversations in media and specialised platforms around “new global security architecture” (1 to 2 online events per month)

What is the objective?

We aim to provide a constructive alternative to current perspectives on the future that are rehashing used futures, namely old and nostalgic worldviews from the past (whether Medieval, imperial, or other analogies or parallels with the 20th century Cold War or II World War), and to catalyse inspiring publications, artefacts, and changemaker initiatives.


We welcome you to participate in the pilot workshops. Register here.

Workshop 1 - War & peace: how can we make peace a preferred and expedient strategy for everyone?

Date and time: September 7, 2 pm GMT

  • How can civic society enhance its capacity to stop wars and unfolding conflicts? What can be the future of anti-war efforts, and how can digital solutions support it?What are the necessary means of making a peace economy, a “peace industrial complex”, to become a preferred choice for nations and regions? How can civic society – including educators, artists, and technologists –contribute to this shift?

Workshop 2 - Culture: how can we find new common grounds in the post-truth world?

Date and time: September 21, 2 pm GMT

  • Culture as the foundation for a better future. Culture of peace – what does it mean, and what kind of art practices it contains? Artists as visionaries.
  • Weaponized culture, cancel culture.

Workshop 3 - Education: what and how do we need to learn for the peaceful and thriving future on our planet?

Date and time: October 5, 2 pm GMT

  • Future as everyday practice – what are the ways to implement futures into education? Future thinking as a skill for all.
  • System thinking.
  • Thinking for thrivability.

Workshop 4 - Universal security and wellbeing: how do we need to organize our governance models in the human- and planet-centred civilization?

Date and time: October 24, 2 pm GMT

  • How can we work with increasing complexity of relations and systems?
  • Foresight that works for the cause of peace.

Interested in one or more of them? Please, register here.


We are organizing research, discussions, and activities around four focal topics:

  1. Global peace architecture: critical conditions that create “peace for all”, including the shifting from Military Industries to Peace Industries as the “engine” of socio-economic development.
  2. Universal preventive security architecture: comprehensive risk management system built into national and international policies and decision-making, to set conditions for peace, sustainability, universal wellbeing, and inspiring future.
  3. Architecture of “common grounds”: for post-truth world “beyond the Enlightenment project” that recognize and acknowledges diversity and promotes the culture of peace.
  4. Role of “anticipatory” institutions and foresight practitioners: and ways of educating for better futures.

Call to action: ways of participation

We are open to your thoughts and ideas and need your support and participation to design peaceful futures together. Please, contact us if you are interested in:

  • Sharing expertise: you have experience in working with these topics as an entrepreneur, social worker, foresight practitioner, artist, project manager, etc. It means that you feel your participation in our workshops and your voice will be fruitful for the whole project.
  • Team membership: you want to be a part of the core project team, invest your time and expertise in the development and action process. It means that you feel your work is essential for the process.
  • Sharing your network: you know people and organisations who can listen to, support in any way, and participate in the project. It means that you feel your network is a strong resource for changes.
  • Funding: you are representing the organisation / community / individuals eager to financially support the full project, some parts of it, or additional events.

If you have other ideas on how to participate and collaborate with “Peaceful Futures”, please contact us to discuss.

Who we are

We are multidisciplinary specialists and future thinkers with the focus on foresight, policy, education, culture and business and we united around the idea of collective responsibility for our futures. We are a truly global network of young and seasoned foresighters – and we also bring in a partner network of social entrepreneurs, community-based organizations, and international multilateral institutions.

VZOR lab - creative interdisciplinary team working at the edge of culture and foresight

Global Education Futures - global network organisation that catalyses transformation of education

School of International Futures - practitioners in intergenerational planning, strategy, and policy for future generations

Next Generation Foresight Practitioners – one of the largest global networks of next generation future-alert activists around the world

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