The Fellowship Journey

Our NGFP Fellowship journey is designed to help change the status quo and democratise the futures and foresight field with diverse perspectives from younger generations living in under-represented geographies and communities. We aim to support fellows to access the resources they need to participate meaningfully in re-imagining and shaping better, fairer, and more equitable futures for their communities and the world.

The Fellowship is a way to provide the next generation of future and foresight enthusiasts with a platform to connect with like-minded people from around the world, receive mentorship and foresight capacity building, and access small grants to develop their foresight projects. We help to amplify their voices and ideas by opening up spaces for them in global events, and making connections between them and current decision-makers.

Here is what the one-year Fellowship journey looks like:

  1. Welcome!
    The new cohort of fellows is announced and their profiles and projects become highly visible in social media. Some of them are profiled by our media partners.
  2. Meet the fellows
    Fellows participate in a virtual onboarding, where they get to know their peers and the NGFP team that will support them throughout their journey.
  3. Meet your mentor
    Fellows are matched with mentors, who they will meet on a regular basis and receive guidance to strengthen and implement their projects.
  4. Get your project funded
    Each fellow receives a minimum of USD 1,000 prize to develop and accelerate their project.
  5. Learn more about foresight
    Take part in an 8-week virtual foresight capacity building training.
  6. Join the NGFP Community Platform
    Fellows are invited to join an online platform to connect with their peers, fellows from previous years and other network members, as well as access information on funding, consultancy, exposure or job opportunities to enhance their foresight work.
  7. Attend community events
    Thematic Learning Monthly Connects, Peer Review sessions and SOIF Alumni meetings are organised to enhance connection and collaborations.
  8. Join an NGFP Hub
    Engage with the wider NGFP network through common causes and purposes, regionally or sectorally by joining a hub. Current Hubs include Climate & Energy, Rural Futures, Health, Intergenerational Fairness, Peace & Security and Digital Futures.
  9. Amplify your work
    Connect with the NGFP team and discover ways to boost the visibility of your work through NGFP channels and beyond.
  10. Run for the big prize!
    At the end of the first year of the NGFP journey, fellows have the chance to run for a USD 10,000 prize, which acknowledges project progression and commitment to the mission and values of NGFP.

Although the most in-depth support for fellows occurs during the first year, our fellows from previous years’ cohorts are still very much part of the NGFP network and there is no expiry date for  membership. Once a fellow, always a fellow! We encourage members to stay connected to us for as long as they wish to. In fact, many of our alumni remain very close to us and have supported new cohorts of fellows in a more informal capacity or become judges, peer mentors, training facilitators, collaborators or hub focal points in following years.

Our commitment is that our NGFP fellows:

  • Feel supported as leaders and innovators to drive foresight practice in their communities
  • Connect with other NGFP fellows, members, and external partners and accelerate their personal and professional growth
  • Gain skills and confidence to take on local, regional, and global challenges with innovative foresight practices
  • Raise their personal and professional profiles in foresight both locally and internationally
  • Lead conversation in the media and generate interest in strategic foresight among peers, students, policymakers and activists

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