NGFP Fellows

NGFP fellows are those who succeed in a highly competitive process to join our Fellowship journey. They are selected by a panel of judges for the excellent quality of their applications. Usually, they demonstrate an innovative approach and a clear theory of change for the creation of alternative and better futures, engage their community in a participatory way in their projects, and have a clear commitment and route to using insights about the future to create transformation today.

For the first five years of NGFP, we celebrated these exceptional applications by giving them global, sectoral, or geographic NGFP Awards and welcoming the awardees as our fellows. From 2023 onwards, the NGFP Awards are now called the NGFP Fellowship. Our intention is to not only celebrate them for their amazing projects, but to welcome them into a learning journey to amplify their positive impact in the world.

Out of the 600 NGFP members, 125 currently have the status of fellows.

Check out who they are and find out how they are helping to shape the future:

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