NGFP Network Members

Every year, we receive hundreds of applications from all over the world to our Fellowship. Although not all of them make it to the final stages of the process to become a fellow, many applicants have high-quality future-focused projects and demonstrate alignment with our network’s vision of a better, fairer, and more equitable world. All applicants who fit into this description are invited to become members of our network, even if not selected to become a Fellow. We believe this is the best strategy to accelerate the democratisation of the futures and foresight field.

Our network members belong to a global platform to share ideas, develop meaningful connections, engage in constructive dialogue on key global issues, expand their learning, and enhance their foresight projects’ impact. They are invited to:

  • participate in regional monthly meetups and NGFP Global Town Halls
  • showcase their work in relevant events in the field of futures and foresight
  • tell their stories to our media partners
  • meet development experts, policymakers and senior futurists
  • co-create new projects with other members and apply for our Impact Fund
  • join our online platform where they can find other members, showcase their work, access a list of opportunities and make requests of the network for help or support

Get Involved

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