Frequently Asked Questions

About the NGFP Fellowship 

  • Is the NGFP Fellowship the same as the NGFP Awards? 

Over six years, NGFP has transitioned from being an awards programme to a fellowship and working network. The change was made to better reflect the comprehensive experience that NGFP fellows go on throughout the programme. This means that, after being selected, our fellows not only receive a small grant to be able to dedicate more time to their projects, but also embark on a year-long journey of learning and exchange. With the fellowship, they gain invaluable skills, build relationships, and develop and strengthen their foresight projects to generate meaningful transformation in their communities. 

  • Can groups, co-founders or pairs apply?

Applicants can only make one entry to the Fellowship, either as an individual or as part of a team of up to five individuals with a lead applicant. All team members are considered fellows and will be part of our network, and be invited to participate in most activities. However, there will be only one prize and mentor allocated per group, which the lead applicant will be responsible for managing.

  • How many fellowships are available?

We have 20 to 30 fellowships available each year.

  • If I’m not chosen, can I apply again during a future round?

Yes, if you are not selected to be a fellow, you can still become a member of our NFGP network, and apply to become a fellow in future editions. Judges will want to see amendments/updates in your application. Read more here.

  • Who are the mentors?

Mentors can be members from the Judges network or experienced members from the NGFP network. They are matched according to their needs, focus and request. 

  • I am not a foresight practitioner, can I still apply for the NGFP Fellowship?

Yes, you can still apply. We understand that the term futures and foresight may not be familiar to everyone, yet many are unknowingly applying futures thinking to their work. There is no need for everyone to be knowledgeable about these terms or to use futures methods in the same way. We value plurality and if your project in any way relates to the future, you may be eligible to become a fellow. Please see our definitions of futures and foresight and the projects our Fellows work on to understand if your work can be qualified for our Fellowship.

  • I’m not ready to apply for the fellowship, but I still want to participate in the NGFP network. How can I get involved?

We accept applications from those with ideas or work aligned with our mission, so if you feel like you have something to contribute, don’t hesitate to apply. You can also sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the NGFP network.

About the Foresight Transformation Missions

  • Will I get extra funds if my project is selected as a live challenge?

You will not receive extra funds at the start of the Fellowship journey if your project is selected as a Foresight Transformation Mission. However, because of the Missions’ alignment with SOIF’s wider work, there may be opportunities for collaboration, which will be compensated. 

  • What if my project is not related to a Foresight Transformation Mission?

You can still apply for our Fellowship even if your project is not related to one of our Foresight Transformation Missions. We will invite between 10-12 fellows to join who are not affiliated with any of the Missions. 

  • What is the role of judges in the Foresight Transformation Missions?

The judges will help to identify if your project is aligned to one of our Missions. The judges selected for the Mission panels have expertise, interest or experience in the Mission areas. 

About the Application Process

  • What can I do to increase the chances of success for my fellowship application?

You can read all the information available at our website, take a look at previous Fellows projects, check SOIF’s website to explore different projects we are working on. Additionally, you are welcome to attend one of our live Q&As where you can ask questions and gain information and insight from previous fellows, judges and the NGFP team. You can find out more and sign up here.

  • Is English proficiency required to apply for the Fellowship?

Yes, our programme is conducted in English to ensure that participants from all around the world can benefit from the learning experience. You don’t need to be fluent in English but need to be able to communicate comprehensively. Applications won’t be judged by your level of language proficiency.

  • Will I receive updates on the status of my application before final decisions are made or feedback if I’m not selected?

Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have the capacity to provide updates or individual feedback to each applicant.

  • I’ve previously applied and was not successful, but would like to apply again this year. Can I request feedback on my previous application?

We are unable to provide individual feedback on previous applications. However, we encourage you to attend our Q&A sessions and to read more about our existing fellows, their projects, and our foresight projects to gain further insight into our Fellowship and application process.

Technical questions

  • I’m having trouble with the application process. What should I do? 

Please send an email to fellowship@nextgenforesight.org with the details (and screenshot) of the challenge.

  • How can I receive regular updates of the NGFP Fellowship? 

Please sign up to the NGFP Newsletter here.