The Community We Want

We= Every Sensing Network Member

We strive to foster a brave space and encourage healthy discussion. We are a community of connectors, doers, and collaborators.

We do not accept any form of in-person or virtual discrimination, harassment, or exclusionary behaviour based on any characteristic or identity aspect.

Universal Respect

We recognise the value of every individual. All members are to be treated with respect, regardless of age, race, gender, class, creed, nationality, disability, religion, socioeconomic or minority status, or other identity factors.

We Are All Learners

We want to know more about who the members of the NGFP community are and what drives them. We are curious. We encourage all members to continually educate themselves about fairness, inclusivity, and discrimination issues. We advocate for members to share resources and insights that promote these values within the community.

We All Bring Strengths & We Are Stronger Together

We are a diverse group with different backgrounds and experiences. Some of us are Disabled, come from marginalised racial and ethnic communities, have endured violence or trauma, and have faced systemic oppression.

Additionally, we encompass a spectrum of gender identities, and our partners may be of the same or different gender. Our educational backgrounds, life experiences, and skill sets differ widely. We view these differences as a source of strength, based in our capacity to work together, maintain a commitment to mutual respect, and engage in co-creation.

Our Work Is Valuable

When we work on projects they should be benefitting our vision and mission – we should be compensated – through professional development or financially. Financial barriers should never be a reason we cannot participate in an opportunity.

Room for Open & Sometimes Challenging Dialogue

We encourage each other to be honest, candid, practise active listening and have constructive discussions so we can grow our horizons. We engage in conversations with an intent to understand diverse perspectives and to increase inclusion of voices often left out. 

Empathy & Compassion

Strive to understand the experiences and feelings of others, fostering a community where everyone feels seen and heard.

Represent The Whole

When acting on behalf of the network as members we uphold the values and do our best to act knowledgeably, skillfully, checking in with others in the network. We never work or take action completely alone.

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