Transforming Stakeholder Engagement Through Food

NGFP 2023 Fellow Estefania Simon-Sasyk uses food to redefine stakeholder engagement. 

Estefania’s NGFP 2023 project, Transform, is a groundbreaking initiative that’s redefining stakeholder engagement by harnessing the power of shared food preparation to cultivate inclusive and intimate conversations. 

Through this initiative, Estefania and her team aim to create new communal spaces that foster horizontal, candid discussions about shaping collective futures – reconnecting with the collective and advocating for inclusivity. 

Transform is not just a culinary experience,” she said. “It’s a community-building tool that transcends boundaries, blending innovation with tradition in the face of modern challenges.”

Designed to bring together diverse food system stakeholders, Transform breaks down traditional barriers and prompts collective envisioning of desired futures.

Unlike conventional methods, it emphasizes the purpose rather than the tools, effectively overcoming resistance to participation. By using the future of local food ecosystems as a compelling entry point into sensitive topics, the initiative encourages professionals to move beyond traditional methods and embrace new, inclusive ways of shaping collective futures.

Transform recently facilitated impactful dialogues on water scarcity with IBEX35 executives and helped devise the Sustainable Gastronomy Manifesto with Navarra’s food system stakeholders. These events provided valuable insights into innovative stakeholder engagement, emphasizing effective communication, active listening, and embodied conversations.Visit Transform’s website or reach out to Estefania to learn more and seed collaborations.