Te Korekoreka is Where Indigenous Intention Meets Futures Thinking

NGFP 2023 Fellow Alice Dimond is among those working to ensure New Zealanders will be equipped with a uniquely Māori approach to creative positive change. 

Alice has been part of the team at Tokona te Raki:Māori Future Makers. There, she has been developing and testing an Indigenous futures tool called Te Korekoreka

“Te Korekoreka helps us to reckon with the past to imagine and navigate towards a better future by reconnecting with Indigenous knowledge systems.” 

In alignment with this, Alice’s NGFP project is to explore the re-packaging of traditional knowledge to create an Indigenous innovation and futures toolkit or curriculum to prepare young people with the skills needed to deal with uncertain and complex futures.

The hope is that repurposing traditional Māori knowledge will support better intergenerational and long-term thinking, make traditional Māori knowledge relevant and applicable in a modern context, and encourage new thinking for a better and more equitable future. 

The work around developing Te Korekoreka has offered much learning, particularly a realisation that equipping people with an Indigenous approach to innovation is a powerful way to achieve change. 

Attendees from a recent Te Korekoreka workshop called it “spiritual yet practical,” and a point where “Indigenous intention meets futures thinking.”

“Te Korekoreka takes you from surface level to depth to the possible to the plan. It’s authentic, wise, warm, beautifully grounded and uniquely Aotearoa,” one attendee said. 

“Te Korekoreka challenged us to think with a different world view and to value an Indigenous approach where past, present and future are interwoven,” said another.

If you’ve also worked in the space of creating futures curricula or developing non-Western futures approaches and want to collaborate, connect with Alice via LinkedIn and follow Tokona te Raki.

To learn more about Te Korekoreka, you can watch the webinar below featuring Alice and her colleague Sam Wixon.