A Network-Powered Happenstance For Feminist Futures A world where gender equality is a reality is one part of the future that young people want to see. The full picture is laid out in Plan International’s recently published Girls’ Pact for

NGFP 2023 Fellow Alice Dimond is among those working to ensure New Zealanders will be equipped with a uniquely Māori approach to creative positive change. 

Through The Climateverse, NGFP 2023 Fellow Alicia Richins reports the news from those futures, offering a hopeful narrative to motivate and drive change today.

As extreme heat causes deep systemic adversities globally, NGFP 2023 Fellow James Balzer, an Australian climate and sustainability policy practitioner, focuses his project on heat governance. 

Transforming Stakeholder Engagement Through Food NGFP 2023 Fellow Estefania Simon-Sasyk uses food to redefine stakeholder engagement.  Estefania’s NGFP 2023 project, Transform, is a groundbreaking initiative that’s redefining stakeholder engagement by harnessing the power of shared food preparation to cultivate inclusive