NGFP 2023 Fellow Abigael Anaza-Mark is on a mission to transform education and support young women in STEM using intergenerational dialogues, foresight and experiential application of classroom concepts.

Foresight for Citizens’ Participation: Tomorrowlands & Leveraged Play From workshops empowering young people in Brazil to games exploring the future of elections, 2019 NGFP Fellow Rodrigo Mendes and 2021 NGFP Fellow Randy Lubin are using their respective expertise for participatory

NGFP 2020 Fellow Tolullah Oni Is Growing A Project For Healthier Futures in Africa What difference can an unorthodox funder make to a project for healthier futures in Africa? Tolullah Oni (Tolu), a Nigerian physician, researcher and founder of the social enterprise

Using foresight to build food systems capacity By Shem Omasire, Daniel Odediran, and Fisayo Oyewale (hub focal point) In November, we attended a week-long capacity-building workshop hosted in Naivasha, Kenya, on foresight and food systems. We represented the Next Generations

Five Takeaways from the Dubai Future Forum Twenty Next Generation Foresight Practitioners (NGFP) attended one of the world’s most prominent futures and foresight conferences – the Dubai Future Forum – in November, thanks to a partnership between the School of International Futures

Moving Towards An Australian Economy That Works For All Generations Young people in Australia are facing rising costs of education and housing, a growing wealth gap, a decline in mental health and the impacts of climate change. All of these

Creating Space for Grief 2023 Fellows Fran Quintero Rawlings, Ziyan Hossain, and Calla Lee in Toronto, Canada, along with collaborating artists Rakat Zami, Mimosa Haque and Madi Chambers, hosted a two-week immersive, public art installation called Space for Grief in

Messages from Youth to COP 37 – ten years from now By 2037, governments and decision makers must have taken responsibility, implemented the climate pledges and acted to protect all forms of life. Climate justice must be a reality, and

The importance of futures thinking for collaborative climate and energy futures By Fisayo Oyewale As a foresight practitioner, I am intrigued by how futures thinking is applied to specfic issues and the voices that go into imagining alternative futures in