Moving Towards An Australian Economy That Works For All Generations

Young people in Australia are facing rising costs of education and housing, a growing wealth gap, a decline in mental health and the impacts of climate change. All of these are symptoms of deeper issues that are rooted in intergenerational inequity. 

To fix them, a long-term view in policy-making is needed. NGFP 2023 Fellow Thomas Walker in Melbourne, Australia, is contributing to a fairer future for young people through his organisation Think Forward, which focuses on tax and economic reforms.

For them, reforming the tax system is one solution that can create change at the systems level.

Think Forward is a charitable non-partisan think tank, education and advocacy group run by younger Australians and focused on tax and economic reform for intergenerational equity.

In late 2023, the group published its first research report following a survey of nearly 1,000 Gen Z and Millennials’ perspectives on Australia’s tax settings, the impact on their lives and the reforms they want to see.

The survey found that it’s hard for younger people today to live the kind of decent, economically secure life that previous generations enjoyed, according to Thomas.

“Millennials and Gen Z will make up around 40% of voters in the next Federal election. They are a passionate and progressive group that politicians and policymakers should be looking to work with to pursue the big reforms Australia needs … Younger generations are frustrated at the status quo and want bold reform in our tax system and how wealth is distributed.”

Thomas Walker

Thomas recently also spoke about Aged Care with ABC News’ David Speers. Watch it below.