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New Walkabout Prizes for 18-25 year old practitioners

The Walkabout prizes are a new initative for 2020 designed for 18-25 year olds. There are two USD 5,000 prizes available for individuals or small teams who are advocating for futures thinking and change in their community.

We know that you are doing great things to create a better future - and we would like to hear about them. We see this as the start of a conversation with you, so we can learn, listen, and support you as you start or continue your foresight journey.

The qualities we are looking for are curiosity about the changing world and the people around you. You should have an interest in translating new future-focussed ideas into action in service to you community. You should have a willingness to become an ambassador for futures.

The prize is intended to help you build on that curiosity and sense of exploration - hence the walkabout title!

What we would like you to do with the prizes

We are open to any ideas you might have about how you would like to use the prize money, but we are in particular looking for ideas that will:

  • Drive participation and help build future awareness in your community
  • Help translate new ideas into action, or to support innovation and new products
  • Support leadership in service to your community
  • Identify new and novel ways to communicate and identify emerging issues
  • Demonstrate how you will take on a role as a futures ambassador in your community

Winners will be supported through mentorship from SOIF or our network of judges and partners, with quarterly check-ins, and training in how to scan for weak signals from experts in the field. We will ask the winners to provide quarterly updates on emerging weak signals in your community and to produce a short report at the end of the year that can be shared with the sensing network.

Who can enter

The Walkabout Prizes are open to anyone aged between 18 and 25. Applications are welcome from anyone who considers themeselves a foresight practitioner – and is taking a futures approach to their work to explore and understand the impacts of longer-term factors and drivers of change, to better understand how different futures might evolve, and to generate insights for decisions made today. We imagine that you will be early in your careers, studying or new to foresight, but you should be committed to putting people at the heart of the future, with a focus on impact and purpose.


The application process

Registration closed earlier this year. You can read more about the awardees and their work on this page
Walkabout Prizes

  • Between 18 and 25 years old on 31 May 2020
  • Two winners will each receive a USD 5,000 prize to help translate new future-focused ideas into action in service to their community
  • Benefit from scanning training and mentoring support
  • Enter as a team or individual

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If you do, this is a chance for you to shine, to meet like-minded people and join a community of change makers. The sensing network is a supportive arena where you can bounce your ideas off people, get advice, be introduced to new colleagues and a new audience. This is a chance to have your work exposed to the leading minds in foresight.

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