John Michael Revilla


Hi! I am John Michael Revilla, but my friends call me Jam or "Kuya Jam." I am currently living out my mission as a Guidance Advocate of a Senior High School in Naga City, Philippines. My job is to help students thrive by fostering acceptance and developing the skills necessary to move through life. Personally, this call is the result of my passion for Psychology, my values and traits, and a loving call to serve. However, this has not always been clear to me, and I trust that much is yet to be discovered. It is here that I think many of us, especially the youth, are still in the process of uncovering and may perhaps need extra help with. That is why I am currently interested in conducting studies on the unique powers of discovering one's strengths and the processes behind finding one's calling as part of my further studies in the field of Guidance and Counseling. But, on a less serious note, my hobbies include binge-watching a bit of Netflix and playing video games.

Country: Philippines

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