Alina Salman


A student with a strong interest in multi-disciplinary research, social work, and activism, I believethat the only dynamic approach towards solving the world’s problems is a multilateral one whichincorporates as many diverse narratives and voices as possible. To achieve this end, I try toplay my pedagogical part in educating, training, and equipping the underserved members of thecommunity with the knowledge and resources necessary to claim their rightful place in theworld.In between my academic pursuits, I keep myself involved with a number of grassroots’ levelnon-governmental and not-for-profit organizations focusing on improving the educational dividein society. This includes helping welfare schools transition from in-person learning to onlineeducational platforms, taking up voluntary teaching positions, organizing public healthawareness campaigns, raising funds for private health causes, and contributing toenvironmental and ethical consumption causes.I was selected by the New York Academy of Sciences in 2016 to become a part of The GlobalSTEM Alliance’s Junior Academy, a dynamic global network of passionate students, STEMexperts, and industry leaders from around the world committed to solving some of the world’smost pressing problems. This enabled me to network with and work on a sustainabilitychallenge centered on sustainable consumption of polystyrene with some of the most talentedstudents and mentors from around the world. The same year, I got involved with a prestigiousnational organization, Buraq Planetary Society, which further strengthened my love for STEMand emphasized upon me the importance of bringing fresh, young voices together. I have beenassociated with the Buraq Planetary Society ever since and it has given me a platform to realizeimportant social projects I feel strongly about with like-minded people. Thanks to these twoexperiences, I now know that the only way forward is through imagination, collaboration, andcohesion.Currently serving as the Human Resource Manager of Nixor Hospital, I work with an energeticteam of public health enthusiasts to improve the accessibility of healthcare services in Pakistanby conducting free medical camps, distributing medicines, undertaking preliminary HIVscreening, and starting some much-needed conversations around important healthcare issuesof the country. In the same vein, I am currently engaged in independent research aboutgendered norms in healthcare services and its impacts in identification and treatment of pain.Again, I think systemic removal of people of certain identities (be it based on gender, religion,race or ethnicity) from narratives such as those of healthcare and public policy are criminal andthe impacts need to be mitigated as soon as possible.I presently study a mix of science and social science subjects in Nixor College of Karachi. Forthe future, I aim to pursue a liberal arts education and reconcile my passion for all things STEMwith my inclination towards a humanistic education.When I am doing none of the above, I watch euro-centric period dramas, read regional andhistorical fiction, research into the South Asian history of 1947 partition, and nerd out overcompetitive debate tournaments with my friends.

Country: Pakistan

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