Stephen James Guion


Born and raised in the tight-knit, bucolic region of central Vermont, my childhood and adolescence were filled with a sense of community. The small, wooden stands at the farmer’s market belonged to my neighbors, and their produce their livelihood. This closeness taught me valuable lessons of social impact––how my actions directly affected those around me, and in what ways small actions could give back, like a ripple growing increasingly outward in a pond. After living abroad for several years, acquiring inspiring experiences and friendships, I have returned from to the Green Mountains with an intrinsic drive to serve and inspire change in my community, ameliorate and optimize innovation initiatives in Vermont non-profit and public agencies, and catalyze systemic growth in the United States on a local to global pipeline. My mission is to cultivate a world of social innovation and societal impact to not only positively contribute to environmental conservation initiatives, but mediate the relationship between the Anthropocene and Earth. I completed my Master of Science degree from the Faculty of Biology at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, concentrating in technique development and translation, computational modeling and prediction of social behavior, and multinational research ethics. Upon returning to the United States and the onset of the COVID-19 societal impacts, I dove deep into volunteering opportunities and expanding my professional network. My current research and work transcends across disciplines and initiatives, but could be summarized to common themes of science diplomacy, innovation management, social impact, and responsible futurism. I hope to pursue service with the AmeriCorps this coming month and continue to give back to my community, country, and the world to orchestrate a bright future for posterity.

Country: United States

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