Kristine Teoh


My name is Kristine Teoh, a 24 year old aspiring sustainability champion. I am currently a consultant at Sustainable Living Lab (Singapore) working with corporates and the community to make transformational changes working towards a sustainable future. Previously, I worked in the corporate sustainability industry for 2 year and that inspired me to pursue my degree in BSc of Sustainability and Environmental Management from the University of Leeds, UK. I am interested in the systemic changes and role of the private sector on how it can lead and have impact on the ecosystem as it interacts and partners with the public and governments as we try to move towards a more sustainable future. I would like to change how people view sustainability, moving away from the thought that it is just a concept that has an individual has no part to play in to a very real situation that is very much applicable in our everyday lives. I believe that there is so much potential when people become aware of how they can make an impact and are inspired to make a difference. On a personal note, I am currently experimenting with photography and digital illustrations to highlight the beauty of the natural environment and the community. I feel that utilising various means of media would talk to people in different ways and develop empathy. This is an indirect approach but certainly is usefully in grabbing the attention of people to start the conversation going. Personally, I am very interested in photography and digital illustrations. Links to my creative outlets:- my Esty shop: my Giphy account: - my photography/illustration Instagram account:

Country: Singapore

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