Durga Panirselvam


Hey everyone, my name is Durga Panirselvam, age 24. People address me by Durga. Hope everyone is well and safe in this current climate! I just completed my professional chartered accountancy papers on March this year and my accountancy degree last year July. Currently, I’m working on a few projects with a Non-Profit Organisation in Malaysia and running my own online business. Basically, I’m taking a gap year to try out few things such as travelling and opening my own non-profit organization before jumping into the corporate workforce. However, a lot of plans have been on a standstill due to Covid-19 pandemic. Upon turning 18, I became fascinated of being a CEO for my own company and learning the inner workings of a building a company. Throughout the 5 years of tertiary education and practical experience, I became involved in many activities that empowered youths to be more proactive in being financially literate. Upon turning 23, I became aware of the importance of mental health and work-life balance in an individual’s life. To ensure long-term growth and sustainability, an individual has to be mentally efficient to produce greater ideas that can contribute to the organization. Hence, I’m excited to join this project to bring a mentorship vision that collaborates financial literacy and youth empowerment. Youth empowerment should also include mental health well-being and understanding their self-worth, both on a personal and professional level. Regarding the financial literacy aspect, I’m currently a podcast presenter and also part of the research team in charge in producing articles under FLY (Financial Literacy for Youths in Malaysia). On the mental wellbeing aspect, I have been actively advocating for Mental Health awareness , may it be through attending events or through my own social media platforms.I was even also a forum presenter during the Mental Health Awareness Month in my university. I have listed my social media platform and my LinkedIn account above. Please do check it out!

Country: Malaysia

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