Dishen Kumar


I am a Broadcast Engineer and Presenter for Astro Awani Channel and the host of “Health Matters with Dishen Kumar”. This television show aims to raise awareness on health and wellness issues from the perspectives of physicians and patients.After graduating from University Malaysia Sabah with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I had the opportunity to work in the construction industry. However, I quickly realized that it was not my passion and found an opportunity to enter the Media and Broadcasting industry through Astro Awani. While working closely with Journalists and Presenters as a person behind the camera, I realized I wanted to be in front of it. Starting on a web show called V!VA, I have hosted Personaliti Malaysia Memilih and am a contributing writer for Awani Review. I also love to contribute to the sports show Bual Bola and love to talk all things football. Recently I have also anchored talk shows like Let’s Talk and Consider This. Juggling life as an Engineer and Presenter, I hope to inspire others to pursue their passion.

Country: Malaysia

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