Dastan Shukanayev


My name is Dastan Shukanayev. I have recently participated in Good Judgement Project 2.0 organised by Philip Tetlock which increased my interest in Futures Studies. I came across SOIF WHO WPRO through my friend John Sweeney and decided to sign up as I found it an incredible opportunity.My high interest in Futures and Foresight related to my work experience where I was involved in Strategic Planning and Development in any position I was holding.I am originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan but spent most of my formative years in the UK where I have studied at University of Warwick (A-Level) and University of Greenwich (BSc in Economics). I have recently received my MSc in Finance diploma from the University of Rennes 1. I have a work experience in the following areas:- Oil & Gas / Energy- Banking / Fintech- Information and Communication Technology (ICT/TMT)- Asset management & UHNWI Family Office- Education and EdTech

Country: Kazakhstan

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