Arm Wasutadon Nakawiroj


Dr. Arm Wasutadon Nakawiroj is a policy analyst and futurist from Thailand. Formerly an economist specializing in international trade, regional geopolitics, development economics, sustainable development and applied economic research, Dr. Nakawiroj has moved into the field of science, technology and innovation (STI) policies, initially working on startup ecosystem proliferation in Thailand, and was later reassigned to STI data-related work, with which he remains to this day. A distinguished student who graduated with first class honors in his bachelor’s degree, and a straight-A student in Master’s Degree and PhD, Dr. Nakawiroj was nominated by ASEAN and OPEC Fund for International Development as a participating young researcher to attend the prestigious 4th Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting on Economic Sciences, held in 2011, during his PhD candidacy at age 24. As a former teacher & lecturer, Dr. Nakawiroj is closely connected to many young people of the upcoming generations, and enjoys exchanging opinions and viewpoints with them, particularly with respect to future-related issues and topics pertaining to national and global development. In his free time, he is a competitive athlete in target recurve archery, as well as an avid photographer, history enthusiast, and an amateur marksman

Country: Thailand

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