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About the NGFP Main Award

The NGFP Main Award recognises an individual or a team (up to five people) that is shaping the future of their community or field. You will be using innovative approaches, bringing fresh ideas and inspiration, and be able to showcase your impact. You should be committed to putting people at the heart of the future, with a focus on impact and purpose.

Established in 2018, the NGFP Main Award aims to recognise emerging ‘waves’ of foresight work internationally, from all sectors and geographies. It recognises your efforts to shape the future and improve lives. It also showcases stories of change from a new generation of emerging change makers and future-alert activists.

The Award invites new aspirations and values; from new geographies, with a growing foresight practice in Africa and Asia as well as other regions; and from second- or third-career practitioners entering the field from other domains, bringing fresh ideas and approaches.

Our Inspiration

We have chosen to name the Main Award in recognition of Joseph Jaworski, a seminal futurist and author of Synchronicity. Joseph has championed the need for foresight to be united with profound leadership in order to achieve social transformation. He inspires us across generations, being a vocal advocate for 50 years on the kind of service-leadership that is necessary for 21st century. As one of the architects of Theory U, he reminds us to put the heart and values at the centre of foresight activity.

Who can enter

The Main Award is open to anyone aged between 18 and 35 or with less than 5 years’ experience as a foresight practitioner. Applications are welcome from anyone who considers themselves a foresight practitioner – and is taking a futures approach to their work to explore and understand the impacts of longer-term factors and drivers of change, to better understand how different futures might evolve, and to generate insights for decisions made today.

Eligible applicants will be invited to join SOIF’s Sensing Network, one of the largest global networks of next-generation future-alert activists representing over 80 countries across six continents around the world. Our long-term ambition is to accelerate and amplify the work of the next generation of changemakers; to support leading thinkers using foresight as a critical tool for a better global future.

Main Award

The Joseph Jaworski Main Award is open to anyone between the ages of 18-35 or with less than five years' experience as a foresight practitioner. It will support one Winner and a cohort of Special Awardees to develop both personally and professionally. Enter as a team or individual.*

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What can I win?

  • Winner receives a USD 10,000 prize to support their project and attendance at the SOIF Summer Retreat.
  • Special Awards for applications from specific geographies and sectors. All Special awardees are invited to become Fellows and receive mentoring and support from SOIF and judges. Fellows are invited to join an annual NGFP gathering.
  • Funded Special Awards worth USD 1,000 each: East Asia, Small Island Developing States, Peacebuilding, Intergenerational Fairness, Balkans, Existential Risk, Security & Technology, and Over 65.

Special awards

We offer Special Awards to innovators in each continent and across key sectors including policy-makers, academia, entrepreneurs, humanitarian and development, education, environment, cities and communities.

Our special awardees will join the NGFP Fellows and receive partnering opportunities and support from SOIF and our judges. All the fellows will be brought together to join a face-to-face gathering later in the year. Over the past two years, this has been held at ESPAS in Brussels.

For 2022, we are excited to announce eight awards with secured funding. We are also seeking funding to support our special awardees financially, if you are interested in sponsoring an award, please get in touch.

Funded special awards

Balkans (USD 1000)

This award is in memory of Sophie Middlemiss one of the SOIF team who had a particular passion for the Balkan region. This award is to recognizse innovative practitioners and their work in the Balkans.

East Asia (USD 1000)

For innovative futures and foresight practitioners working and living in East Asia.

Existential Risk (USD 1000)

For practitioners working to reduce the existential risks to our world.

Intergenerational Fairness (USD 1000)

For practitioners assessing the impact of policies on present and future generations.

Security and Technology (USD 1000)

Recognising new ideas and perspectives on long-term technology threats to our personal and global security: from nuclear and biological, to digital and beyond.

Small Island Developing States (USD 1000)

For innovative futures and foresight practitioners working and living in Small Island Developing States.

Peacebuilding (USD 1000)

Supporting foresight and futures excellence in the peacebuilding space.

Over 65 (USD 1000)

Next generation voices don't always equate to youth voices - this award celebrates experienced voices coming to the futures and foresight field from other sectors.

Sectoral awards

Cities For this award we look to those making waves in the foresight space with a focus on the urban space.

Community To recognise activists practitioners making a special contribution at a local and community level.

Development This award focusses on foresight success in the international development field, particularly in economic development.

Education Awarding those leading the way in foresight across the education sector.

Entrepreneur Celebrating those combining foresight, futures and the best of entrepreneurial business thinking.

Environment Supporting foresight and futures practitioners and activists in the vital field of environmental sustainability.

Forced Labour Leading the fight against modern slavery using the tools of foresight and futures.

Humanitarian Supporting innovative foresight researchers working to solve complex humanitarian problems.

Innovative methods Supporting practitioners who are bringing innovation to the foresight and futures fields.

Policy (International and Government) Two awards highlighting foresight leaders working in policy at the international and national levels.

Geographic awards

For those living or working in:

Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania

What do we mean by foresight?

Foresight is a systematic way of engaging with uncertainty by exploring alternative futures, including aspirational ones. As a discipline, it has the potential to shape the future. It is not about predicting the future, but understanding your current and future operating environment. Insights gained from foresight equip communities and organisations to recognise and respond to emerging threats and opportunities by developing enhanced competitiveness, resilience and agility.

A foresight practitioner is anyone who takes a futures approach to their work to explore and understand the impacts of longer-term factors and drivers of change on the future, to understand better how different futures might evolve, and to generate insights for decisions made today.

The application process

Start by registering your account

To get started visit the application site and register your account. We'll ask for basic information from you at this stage and a few questions to confirm your eligibility. If you're under 25 you will automatically be entered into both the Main Award and Walkabout prizes.

All applicants will be considered for sectoral and geographic awards. If you would also like to be considered for one of the funded special awards you will need to indicate this in Step 5 when you apply. You can only enter one funded award category.

Step 1 – Profile

Complete your profile which asks for some basic contact information, contact details, a biography and for you to provide a referee. You can come back to complete this step at any time but you'll need to complete this to submit. The information you share will only be used for the purposes of your application, unless otherwise stated.

Step 2 – Team members

If you'd like to enter the awards as a team you'll need to complete this section. We'll be making this a bit easier in the next few weeks, but for now create your team, then add and assign your team members. Teams are limited to five people. You'll need to enter contact and eligibility information for your team members.

Step 3 – Your application

This is the only part of your application that is assessed by our judges. For more on the judging criteria and process please see the Terms and Conditions.

1. Your impact You will be asked to submit a short (2-4 minute) video to introduce you and your team and to answer a set of questions that talk about your work and passion for using foresight.

We're looking for a sense of who you are, what you care about, and how you have been using foresight. If you're newer to foresight, that's ok too, we'd like to hear more about what motivates you. If you've been using foresight, tell us a bit about your work and the kinds of projects or initiatives you've been involved in, as well as your motivations.

2. Proposal You will be asked to submit a 5-7 minute video describing your project or idea and to answer a set of questions that explain your approach, ambition and potential impact. We're looking to understand the idea, challenge or opportunity that you will focus on, why it is important, how you are using foresight, what is innovative and the impact that an award could make.

Step 4 – Sensing Challenge

Complete the sensing challenge. This can be completed at any time and is not assessed as part of your application. However, you will need to complete this before you submit your application. It asks you to share some perspectives on the future of your community. We anticpate this may take between 15-30 minutes to complete.

Step 5 – Get ready to submit

There are just a few final steps to complete before you submit. In this section we ask you to indicate whether you would like to be considered for a funded special award, and to confirm your eligibility.

Closing date for the awards

Please don't forget to submit your application. You have until 23:59 GMT+1 on 14 July 2022 to enter.

A final note.

If you are entering the Walkabout prizes the application process is the same, but we will be using slightly different judging criteria.(find out more here).

We won't share any information on your proposal without your permission, so feel free to speak passionately and openly about your ideas. We will contact our winner and special awardees to agree any information that will be shared publically around the award shortly before the results are announced to the public.

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Not sure if you're ready to apply?

We hope that you will, but we also appreciate it can be daunting and the awards won't be for everyone. So please do reach out if you just want to say hello or have any questions.

If you do, this is a chance for you to shine, to meet like-minded people and join a community of change makers. The sensing network is a supportive arena where you can bounce your ideas off people, get advice, be introduced to new colleagues and a new audience. This is a chance to have your work exposed to the leading minds in foresight.

Start an exciting adventure with us!

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About the 2021 awards

We have had a fantastic set of applications for the 2021 Awards. The Main Award winners are a group of four inspiring young women. Three 23-year-olds have won the Walkabout prizes, and we received applications from 40 different countries with 48 awardees.

Main award: This year the Joseph Jaworski Main was awarded to Maria Razquin, Paula Jimeno, Ane Eguiazabal and Olatz Ibarretxe for their ongoing work at The Future Game helping young people discover their power to imagine alternative futures and activate impactful initiatives collectively in a playful learning experience.

Walkabout Prizes: Three Walkabout Prizes were awarded to 23-year-olds. Kushal Sohal from the UK for a pilot Futures Literacy Laboratory with young people to facilitate conversations on the futures of masculinity. From Nigeria, Fisayo Oyewale's project, the Farmers futures program (FFP), seeks to give farmers the agency over their future, co-creating solutions around emerging issues. Koen Vegter from the Netherlands aims to build a platform and train people to have the skills and tools that organisations and people incorporate foresight into their daily work.

Young Voices: For the first time, NGFP Awards, in collaboration with Teach the Future, announced the Young Voices award to showcase the voices of 12–17-year-olds. The first place winners were Alice from Finland and Ruhan from Brazil. Passionate about education, music, theatre, and debate. Their project aims to host international online debate championships for youth, focusing on solutions to contemporary global challenges.

Read about all the 2021 awardees

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