Next Generation Foresight Practitioners

Recognising the next generations' endeavours in shaping the future.

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NGFP Programme

The NGFP programme is a foresight leadership accelerator for next generation foresight practitioners. Our Sensing Network is the largest global network of next generation future-alert activists around the world.

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Our impact and projects

  • Supporting over 300 next generation practitioners to take forward their work, gain new exposure, start new jobs and collaborations, and to continue on their foresight journey
  • Working with next generation practitioners to to explore what a healthy digital society looks like in African communities
  • A pilot leadership development programme to support African foresight activists.
  • Exploring post-covid futures in collaboration with WHO Western Pacific Regional Office

Meet the fellows

Our fellows are the winners and special awardees from the 2020, 2019 and 2018 awards. They are a diverse and global group of young futures thinkers. Who are shaping the future of their communities and the field. They are just some of the people in our sensing-network of future-alert activists.

Adeiye Oluwaseun-sobo

Aileen Moeck

Alanna Markle

Alejandro Juan Manuel Repetto, Jimena Califa, Enrique Martín Cortés Funes at Extendidos

Aline Roldan

Ana Tiquia

Bunmi Ajilore

Carin Ism

Cathy Madge

Charlie Warwick

Christy Casey and Nour Batyne, Resilience 2032

Claire Marshall and Mel Rumble

Corina Angheloiu

Daniel Olarte

Deepshika Dash and Sugandh Malhotra

Elliot Brenan

Emily Empel

Erica Bol

Finn Strivens

Ioanna Sotiriou and Thomas Tsoulias

Jorge Camacho, Fernanda Bonilla, Emma Herrera and Jaime González from Diagonal

Juan Manuel Avalos

Justyna Król

Krizna Gomez

Lauren Keeler

Leah Zaidi

Madhumitha Ardhanari

Maggie Greyson

Maha Hosain Aziz

Mansi Parikh

Markus Becker

Mathew Markman

Naidel Ardilla

Namatai Kwekweza

Nisreen Lahham

Olga Remneva, Anna Peplova, Irina Danilicheva, and Anastasia Evgrafova from Future Culture Lab

Oliver Bream McIntosh

Otto Tähkäpää

Özge Aydogan

Prateeksha Singh

Pupul Bisht

Raya Bidshahri

Rodrigo Mendes Leal de Souza

Rohan Patankar and Aditya Prakash from Quicksand

Samantha Matters

Seble Samuel

Shakil Ahmed

Stephanie Yesmukanova

Tolu Oni

Veerappan Swaminathan

Virkein Dhar

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The 2021 Awards

The NGFP awards recognise those helping to shape the future and improve lives through innovative strategic foresight. They showcase stories of accelerating and scaling change in their communities towards a positive future.

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Three opportunities to apply

  • Main Award Open to anyone between the ages of 18-35 or with less than five years' experience as a foresight practitioner. Winner receives a USD 10,000 prize to support their project and attendance at the SOIF Summer Retreat. Special Awards for applications from specific geographies and sectors.
  • Walkabout Prizes Designed for 18-25-year-olds who are advocating for futures thinking and change in their community. Two USD 2,500 prize to help translate new future-focused ideas into action.
  • Under 18s award A new award for 2021 (more news to follow)

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