A call for Futures Methods from Around the World

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About Futures Methods Around the World

Given the critical crises of our current times, from climate change to our exhausted economic system, we seek to amplify futures methods that are inclusive and take an ‘all of society and nature’ approach to challenge the status quo and inspire new thinking and new hope.

Through this project, our goal is create a collection of global foresight methods to be a public asset, to enable learning and connections between methods contributors and those who seek to learn more about them.

We seek to create a knowledge sharing platform and invite you to share your methods at:

  • Conferences such as Anticipation 22. We would love to have you, as a 'methods' contributor, speak at this conference (slot has been confirmed!)
  • The School of International Futures Summer Retreat, as part of their 10-year anniversary programme (we would love to have 'methods' contributors engage in a session)
  • Workshops between different funders (who have already expressed interest) and the method contributors that can amplify this work and create momentum

We are open to ideas on how else you would suggest amplifying this work!

“Hope is empowerment,
Hope is a solution,
Hope is a game-changer.”

Cristina Mittermeie, Biologist, Conservationist, Photographer and Author

We need your support in imagining different futures

A call for submissions

This is a call to present and share (futures) ‘methods' from around the world that can support us, individually and collectively, in thinking more broadly and radically about our shared futures as a society.

If you have potential answers to this question, we’re looking forward to hearing from you:
In what ways do you, your community, your culture think about the future(s) and how does this challenge dominant or ‘mainstream’ narratives?

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Why are we organizing this call to action?

Today, the dominant futures/foresight 'methods' are largely located in non-indigenous Global North frames. They do not adequately center the context and imaginations of communities from around the world.

This project was born out of our searching for a living repository or collective of such 'methods', and not finding it. We hope such a collection provides...

  • An avenue to learn from each other.
  • A safe spaces to learn more about the (subconscious) world-views, mindsets, biases, and assumptions driving us and our current systems
  • Insights that serve as inflection points to rethink a wider array of potential pathways and possibility
  • Ideas on ways to challenge prevailing dominant cultural, social, economic and political narratives.

Initial guidance and boundaries

Below are some initial guidance and boundaries of what we are looking for, and welcome you to push us beyond our constructed boundaries.

What can 'methods' look like?

We take an expansive view of what 'methods' can be. 'methods' can be guided frameworks, stories, visual narratives, experiential in nature and so much more!

Some diverse examples:

  • The ancient Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Seven Generation Principle with some further background and context here on intentionally thinking of our future generations in our every decision.
  • that guides critical self-reflection of foresight practitioners and their practice in the hope that doing so will support in the surfacing of diverse worldviews in their work with communities.
  • Use of storytelling as tool for inclusion and cultural knowledge in the Decolonizing Futures Initiative.
  • They can be in any language and we are especially interested in seeking 'methods' that are not in English from folks who are open to having their work translated into English.

    What would make this non-extractive? How can this be of value to everyone?

    We do not seek to monetize or financially benefit from any of the submitted work but create a public asset that supports in reimagining new possibilities. We would like to create guidelines with you for how any parties (particularly organizations) interested in applying any of the showcased 'methods' do so in a manner that is open, accountable and transparent and done in consultation and partnership with the authors/submitters of the 'methods'.

    *Methods- We are very loosely defining what qualifies as a method as anything that can open the door to seeing a new angle or perspective (e.g. a process or way of doing/seeing/thinking, an analogy, a framework).

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