A call for Futures Methods from Around the World

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About Futures Methods Around the World

Today, the dominant futures and foresight methods are largely located in non-indigenous Global North frames. Because they represent only a small part of the global population, they do not necessarily centre the context and imaginations of various communities from around the world. At the same time, we are conscious that every community has its own ways of doing, seeing, thinking, imagining, and dreaming about what matters to them. They might not use terms like “futures thinking”, or “foresight” to name their approaches, tools, and frameworks, and still have aligned purposes with these words.

“Futures Methods from Around the World” is a project which aims to create a living collection of methods – tools, frameworks, stories, visual narratives, analogies, approaches, experiments, processes, and practices – from everywhere in the globe, that can open new doors and bring new perspectives to the way we challenge the status quo, solve current issues, and envision new possibilities and pathways.

By organising and disseminating these methods, we seek to support us, individually and collectively, in thinking more broadly and radically about our shared futures as a society.

“Hope is empowerment,
Hope is a solution,
Hope is a game-changer.”

Cristina Mittermeie, Biologist, Conservationist, Photographer and Author

A call for submissions

If you have developed and/or are aware of new futures and foresight methods from any culture or part of the world, especially from non-English speaking contexts, which are willing to be further disseminated, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Please contact us using the form below and explain your method in up to 500 words. We are particularly interested in what ways you, your community, and your culture are using this method to think about the future and reframe/rethink/reimagine the world. We would also be keen to know how it challenges dominant or mainstream narratives.

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How can this be of value to everyone?

We hope an inclusive collection of futures and foresight methods will provide:

  • inspiration from new ways of seeing, thinking, doing, and reimagining possibilities
  • an avenue to learn from each other
  • a safe space to acknowledge and deconstruct (subconscious) dominant worldviews, mindsets, biases, and assumptions driving our current systems
  • ideas on how to challenge prevailing cultural, social, economic, and political narratives, and democratize the future
  • collective hope for a fairer and more equitable world.

We do not seek to monetize or financially benefit from any of the submitted work. We would like to create guidelines with those that make submissions for how parties (particularly organisations) interested in applying any of the showcased methods do so in a manner that is open, accountable, transparent, and in consultation and partnership with the authors/submitters of new methods.

Ways of collaboration

Through this project, we also intend to create a knowledge sharing platform which enables connections between those who are authors/submitters of new methods and those who seek to learn more about them.

Currently, we envision two immediate opportunities for collaboration, but we are also open to ideas on how else you would suggest amplifying this work.

  1. Participation as a speaker in conferences such as Anticipation 22. A slot has been confirmed for this one!
  2. Organisation of workshops between NGFP funders, who have already expressed interest in this work, and the authors/submitters of new methods, that can amplify their work and create momentum.

Inspiring examples

Through “Futures Methods from Around the World”, we are open to be constantly surprised and have our perspectives expanded by unknown methods and possibilities. Below are three examples from non-white-global-north contexts which we already feel inspired by:

  • The Seventh Generation Principle of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, states that the decisions made today should intentionally result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. (See further background and context here)
  • The Lotus Framework guides practitioners who want to design an inclusive futures program. It supports self-reflection on pre-existing systems of privilege and inclusion of diverse worldviews.
  • The Decolonizing Futures Initiative uses non-western folk storytelling as a tool for inclusion of marginalized voices, and cultural knowledge about the future in order to inform and inspire inclusive decision-making, planning, and innovation.

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