NGFP Collaborations

The NGFP programme supports and collaborates with  members of the global Sensing Network on innovative foresight ideas. We're currently piloting various initiatives where NGFP acts as a platform and bridge to help create, accelerate, and connect the work of NGFP Sensing Network members.

Below is just the start, we look forward to sharing more from our Impact Fund initiative and other activities soon.

Futures manifesto

Futures Methods from Around the World

Through this project, our aim is to create a global collection of foresight methods that can open new doors and bring new perspectives to the way we challenge the status quo, solve current issues, and envision new possibilities and pathways.

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Futures manifesto

Peaceful Futures

A series of foresight workshops for collecting different thoughts and ideas to explore conflict and post-conflict scenarios, and the long-term implications for a revised global security & wellbeing architecture.

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Futures manifesto

African Digital Futures

22 NGFP members from Kenya, Nigeria, and pan Africa developed 11 visions for African Digital Futures. These visions embed values with wide-ranging implications.

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Futures manifesto

Time capsule 2020

Collaborating with the BBC Futures, our global next-generation fellows developed a time capsule of objects that captured life in 2020. A list of objects that matter, and that tomorrow's generations should know about, 100 years from now.

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