About the Programme

Now in its third year, the School of International Futures (SOIF) are expanding the programme with a series of new and exciting NGFP initiatives. A core ambition for 2020 is to nuture and consolidate our sensing network of future-alert activists.

Our mission

Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of the next generation of changemakers using foresight as a key tool to envision a better global future.

The NGFP Programme aims to:

  • Raise the profile of Strategic Foresight Internationally Acknowledge excellent innovative practice conducted globally - including in the Global South
  • Collect case studies and examples of great practice today and in the future.
  • Generate interest in strategic foresight among students, policymakers and activists.
  • Provoke a conversation in the wider public about the importance of engaging systematically with the longer term.

The world is not fixed but is in constant flux; accordingly, the future is not fixed, and so can be shaped.

Joseph Jaworski Generon International

The pillars

The annual Next Generation Foresight Awards is a key pillar of the NGFP Programme which harvests, and spotlights innovative practice globally and identifies emerging foresight talent in the global community.

However, another pillar of the NGFP Programme is the vibrant Sensing network, a global community of future alert activists who are motivated by the belief in the potential for everyone to engage in anticipating and shaping futures. The NGFP Programme hosts and supports the Sensing Network through a suite of coaching and mentoring experiences and facilitates professional matchmaking and personal development opportunities. The Sensing network also provides insights on important global trends and detects emerging trends and weak signals which can respond to organisational blind spots from the frontlines of a range of fields and disciplines.

As Strategic foresight tools and methodologies are not easily accessible to changemakers working deeply within local communities or from different regions or countries. Through its many initiatives, the NGFP Programme also convenes social entrepreneurs, changemakers and emerging futurists in dialogues which focuses on a wide range of challenges specific to a regional context or thematic area.

This year, the NGFP Programme will be hosting regional dialogues in Africa and Asia and curating a conference of Feminist Futures.

Motivated by a belief in the potential for everyone to engage in anticipating and shaping futures – the network exists to dmeocratise futures practice by providing a platform to advance and make visible diverse voices.

The definition of the sensing network from our 2019 cohort

Our impact

The awards are now three years old. The first year was an experiment – – this year we are seeking to build the impact of the awards, by reaching out to new countries and by investing in the network and programme.

The programme has already reached 150 people from over 50 countries and provided support to two cohorts of NGFP fellows.

Our fellows have been invited to attend and showcase their work at the ESPAS annual conference by the European Commssion, received support from the Association for Professional Futurists through a six-month complimentary membership, and invited to join the UNESCO Global Futures Literacy Network.

Our onging professional development and mentoring support has been highly valued by participants, and the support from our judges and the broader community has helped participants to take forward their work, gain new exposure, start new jobs and collaborations, and to continue on their foresight journey.

Read some of the recent updates from our 2019 cohort

I am now a part of an inspiring community of purpose-driven young professionals who are unapologetically and tirelessly working towards addressing issues that affect the futures of their peoples, communities, nations, and industries

Pupul Bisht 2018 Main Award Winner

The Award opened up new vistas for me. Bunmi Ajilore

Bunmi Ajilore 2018 Runner up

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Become a judge Nominate yourself or someone you know to be part of the NGFP 2020 Judging panel. If you know someone - including yourself - who would be a good candidate to join our excellent panel of judges, please get in touch.

A tremendous boost in exposure. The NGFP co-design sessions on site in Brussels raised my sense of urgency to contribute to the well-being of our planet.

Maggie Greyson 2018 Special Awardee

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